MCSO - Drug Drop Box
Located in the front lobby of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office at 4835 State Route 29, Celina.

Help put an end the opioid crisis and be responsible with your prescriptions.
Do you have old or expired prescription and over the counter drugs?
Removing expired and unused medicines from your home helps reduce the chance that others, including children and pets, will accidentally take or intentionally misuse them.
Stop by our office during normal business hours
8am-4:30pm   Monday through Friday
If you need to come after hours, you will need to hit the call button at the front entrance.

Before disposing of prescription medicines, be sure to remove all personal information on pill bottle labels and medicine packaging to protect your identity and privacy.
All of your medicines dropped off at the drop box or the drug take back events will be destroyed.
Do not put liquids or needles in our drop box or at any of our drug take back events.

Disposing of Needles
Please talk to the prescribing doctor about disposal.

Disposing of Liquid medications
Remove the drugs from their original containers and mix them with something undesirable, such as used coffee grounds, dirt, or cat litter. This makes the medicine less appealing to children and pets and unrecognizable to someone who might intentionally go through the trash looking for drugs.
Put the mixture in something you can close (a re-sealable zipper storage bag, empty can, or other container) to prevent the drug from leaking or spilling out.
Now you can put the container in your garbage.

Disposing Fentanyl Patches
Even after a patch is used, a lot of the medicine remains. That’s why the drug comes with instructions to flush used or leftover patches.

For more information about responsibly disposing of unused medications, please visit the FDA’s website at:
4835 State Route 29
Celina, Ohio, 45822
Fax: 419-586-2234
Fax: 419-586-9142
Fax: 419-586-1979

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